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Running this shitty blog and stuff.

So, if you’re not a believer, why are you here?


that awkward moment when you have to ask if your brother wants a divorce

Announcement: In Which Your Blogger Is Stuck In The Mud


Ok, so here is my half-announcement, half-ramble. Well, mostly ramble, but it will have a point and some news in it, I promise.

I’m always telling you guys to do what makes you happy and feel good and I realized today that if I don’t take my own advice, then what is it even worth? Lately,…

You take ALL THE TIME YOU WANT. Writing is stressful enough as it is, but almost 500 requests? I’d be dead if I were you.

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So if you’re thinking of sending the amazing kaz2y5-imagines a request, please keep in mind she has almost 500 requests. 500. I’m not trying to stop you, just keep that in mind. She’s been very overworked lately, so take it easy on her ok loves? Thanks




Everything hurts even more if you imagine Sam sliding down the door and breaking down in tears during the commercial break. He tried to act like it didn’t hurt but his deepest fears and guilts were just voiced by someone who looks and sounds like the brother…


this week on supernatural, Random Demon #3 learns that setting yourself on fire sucks a lot more than one would expect




I just want to hug Sam right now.

Yeah, he needs a hug.

he was looking through the pictures, im gonna cry